Choosing a Facilitator Who Will Help Guide Your Team to the Top

  • Firstly, ensure the facilitator is equipped with the experience and tools to do the groundwork well ahead of the program so they are prepared and not just feeling their way on the day. Look for a facilitator who will work closely with the manager on this.
  • Ensure the facilitator understands and contributes to a communication program surrounding the team and their upcoming session.
  • Ask the facilitator for a proposal and understand the kind of tools they will be willing to use with your team.
  • Ensure they can listen, manage conflict effectively and draw out the shy members of the group.
  • Finally, understand the what they plan for you post program — what happens once the session is over? How do we keep the momentum going?



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David Reddin

David Reddin

With 40+ years executive search, recruitment, HR, coaching & commercial experience David still loves the work & finding bold and audacious solutions.